fatigue and pain syndrome

Fatigue and pain syndrome

Fatigue and pain syndrome, such as fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome, are chronic conditions that cause widespread pain, fatigue, and tenderness throughout the body. This condition affects an estimated 2-4% of the population and is more common in women than in men.

The mechanism of these conditions are poorly understood however it is thought to be due to the disruption in the way nerve process the pain message, often leaving patients feeling more sensitive to pain. In addition to that, these conditions can also cause fatigue, muscle stiffness, mood disorders, unrefreshed sleep, difficulty concentrating, irritable bowel syndrome, and recurrent headaches. 

Fatigue and pain syndrome can be a diagnostic challenge as it does not cause abnormality in blood results or scans. It is usually diagnosed by obtaining a good clinical history and physical examination. This condition is commonly diagnosed by the Rheumatologist. 
There is no cure for these conditions, however there are good treatments and therapies that can help individuals with the condition live a normal life. 
Treatment usually involves a combination of medication, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, talking therapy, and relaxation techniques. 
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